Saturday, March 27, 2010

Business Between Fact With Assumption

Before the year 1954 is the "fact" that no one can run is 1 mile less than 4 minutes. When it is considered that the structure and strength of the human body can not run faster than that. The question is, when it is said that we are not able to run faster, whether a fact or just an assumption? Find the answers!

I know, you've guessed it. It turned out it was all just an assumption. The truth is not a "no" but "not there". For the year 1954, a runner from England named Roger Bannister broke all existing assumptions. He was able to reach 1 mile to the time just 3 minutes 59.4 seconds.

Is Bannister has different talents with others? No, because in the next 3 years there are 16 runners who can memcapai 1 mile with less than 4 minutes. Where they were before the year 1954?

In fact, sixteen runners had not learned to Bannister, because banister had become a coach. They just see an example, they just open-minded person that is 1 mile can be achieved with less than 4 minutes. Formerly, they were trapped by the opposite assumption. In the past, maybe they say "not possible" when asked to larih faster than 4 minutes to 1 mile.

In a writing, Bannister said that to achieve such a capability is to strengthen the mental, or the mindset of the first runners. All the energy that humans can be removed with the right mental attitude. Energy in the mind is not limited.
Furthermore, Bannister developed a training method that actually ran focused on conditioning the mind. Not only on technique and physical strength training. Physical and engineering continue to be trained, but will be useless if the athlete's state of mind not conditioned.

If we look at, almost all sports legends have a large and positive thoughts. Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are examples of sports stars who give great attention to the pattern of their thinking or mindset.

So, do not be too quick to say not possible, can not, impossible, unrealistic, and kind words. It could be we are limiting thoughts. Believe me many things that originally seemed like the impossible, becomes possible when you raise your mindset.

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