Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Essence Of Life

If we know who we are, where from, to what life on earth, then where else would step / move on, it seems if every self-conscious of all the things that we will not encounter a lot of complaints in living this life.

This life itself is a gift from the Almighty Giver. When we are born into this world, we also got the gift of love from parents. Imagine if we were born without anyone giving it affection, surely we do not exist today. All the things that we use in this life is a gift (taken for granted). What is given without strings attached. Without expecting a reply.
Currently we have grown, or more than an adult's own words. It is time to not only accept, but to give. Give what we have and we are able to give. No need heroics, things are simple. Giving a smile to those who passed by us, give love and attention to our parents. Beverages made possible, give greetings at home or away, or even give him a kiss on the hand.

The existence of our life today is not sudden, and it is not by itself without any without the intervention of others. The people around us really play a role in the existence of us. But why many do not realize it? Therefore, it is time to give.

Many of the things we want to achieve, such as jobs, ideals, our soul mate and so forth, before we get there should be a struggle, namely energy, thoughts and time. There is a saying give, then you will receive more. This does not mean what it does is have the intention, expectation of reward. Gives a measure of consciousness and sincerity. If accompanied by a desire to give a reply, and any grant recipient, then it's not giving a whole. But a negotiation. Struggling negotiations between gains and losses. It's no longer based on conscience.

Every administration must have in return, will be doubled. If you do not believe it, try and do it. View and calculate the objective. Reply was not only a nominal number of currencies, nor goods, but also can include the presence of opportunity, the preservation of health, increasing science and many more benefits obtained. Not to mention the increased reward.

If everyone knew and understood the meaning given this, perhaps we will not find the term stingy, miserable or poor. everyone who knew her life was giving will give again to others either morally or materially. Back to him in another form, so that such a cycle.

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