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Kesulitan Pembuatan Tesis

Harapan melanjutkan pascasarjana yang kita kenal S2 atau program magister merupakan cita-cita yang diinginkan banyak orang. Semakin tinggi tingkat akademisnya maka semakin banyak literatur yang dibaca, makin banyak informasi yang diterima, makin banyak kasus yang dibahas dan makin cerdas dan makin kritis itulah harapan bagi jebolan S2.
Mereka yang menempuh S2 seringkali tesis menjadi hal yang menakutkan sama halnya skripsi bagi mahasiswa yang ingin mendapatkan gelar Sarjana. Tak perlu takut dibawah ini beberapat tips untuk kalian yang ingin menyelesaikan segera persoalan tesis. diambil dari berbagai sumber salah satunya, Jasa Pembuatan Tesis. Diblog ini terdapat salahsatu contoh tesis yang pernah dibuat oleh salahsatu jasa pembuatan tesis disemarang, yakni wirawan-sb.com

The ideals continue school to S2 or master programs are the expectations of many people. The higher the school then the thicker books read, the more books read, the more cases are discussed and increasingly savvy and increasingly critical that expectations for dropout S2.

In Indonesia people took S2 motif among others is to support the increase in power, prestige and the name of his title so long and so great, alternative to become a lecturer, but should not that important anyway is to increase the level of intellectual competence in accordance with the field further. S2 is usually taken by students who have been working. Greater than the percentage of students who are not working.
At the end of S2 completion students are usually assigned to make the thesis as a mandatory requirement for graduation. For this it is still a lot of students who delayed the completion of his S2 unresolved due to the thesis-making due to inability or no mastering how to make the thesis as well as the limited time to do research.
Not infrequently the completion of his thesis in which students have or use the services of the manufacturer's thesis. If it is not done making his own thesis or thesis ordered maker services will result in college students do not master completely the thesis being made and will have trouble when the trial is done.
Difficulty in making general thesis because the thesis should do some research and using statistical methods in research. Here the statistical methods used or applied is not controlled by preventing the students in the study and completion of a thesis.
Below are some general tips to plan and make the thesis that the thesis is expected to be completed on time:
1. Principle: plan and make his own thesis to be made, do not ever thesis made by a friend, sister or anyone else let alone made by the manufacturer service bureau thesis. Scientific writing is writing his own pride and inner satisfaction. For what if S2 pass scientific work created by others, should be the other person who passed his S2. Also do not be a student thesis copy and paste which is made just for skin cover course contents are 100% owned by other people's theses. Is it not shameful.
2. At the planning stage set and formulate issues to be raised to be clearly examined. Select the issues to be raised is the issue that is controlled beanr do not ever make a thesis on issues that are not controlled.
3. Read and gather information related to the thesis that we plan to be made. Read some examples of at least 3 examples thesis thesis ever written by other authors, but not for the purpose of tracing to understand this line of thought, the process and completion of the study. To get a sample thesis related, this should be diligent search for the nearest university library.
4. Important: mastered in depth the statistical methods that will be used in this research as part of determining whether our thesis could be continued or not. Failure to master these statistical methods will fail anyway we finish our thesis. This statistical method did not control so do not expect we will rule the whole thesis that we make. Actually, the key is making the thesis here, if we've mastered the statistical methods to be used then the 65% we've mastered the thesis that we make.
5. The selection of appropriate statistical methods should be in accordance with the problems that we are careful, one would be wrong in determining the method of our research results as well. that we need to do a lot of reading point 3 study ever conducted by the authors pneliti or earlier.
6. Source of data to be examined, sometimes students so that they look great, they raised the problems examined so bombastic but do not consider the level of ease of data acquisition to be investigated. Consider the data acquisition under study both in terms of confidentiality and availability in the public or the ease of acquiring it. Cancel or replace immediately, when making a thesis where the data is difficult to obtain because it will take time, effort and expense, to finally end the thesis can not be completed in time. Examples of the data are easily obtained (finance) as a share of public data is the data, information about financial statements, dividends etc. contained in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. So make the thesis with data that is relatively easy to obtain.
7. Make gradual thesis, chapter by chapter, do not make the work piece, when time is tight then we panic to finish. Get used to working with the schedule / timetable, so the progress of the completion of the thesis can be done gradually so that by the time we were solid thesis can be well, just in time.
8. Make sure the research data obtained are in accordance with what is set forth in our research planning, do not let one take research data this will lead us to work 2 times, wasteful of energy, time and cost.
9. Use the application program to process research data with statistical methods that have been determined (eg, SPSS). Process or the execution of data processing can be done alone or given to someone who used to use the program. If we can use the application program should we do alone, but if we do not master at all should be done by people who are experts, but do not forget, the results of the data processing we have to ask for an explanation of the working people.
10. Try to do their own writing goal is for us to master what we think and write, this will make it easier when we are facing trial thesis.
11. Continuous and intensive consultation with the supervisor as scheduled or since far-away days. do not meet when the time is tight. Remember supervisor's time is also busy and not always able to serve you, not to mention if his teachers including professors killer, if you do not expect to play or graduate thesis completed in time.
12. consultation is not only limited to the supervisor alone but to all relevant parties and relate to the thesis being made eg lecturer of related subjects, researchers and other parties.
13. Follow the instructions and rules of how to write a thesis that has been set by each campus, do not be stubborn, it'll actually increase spending on costly repairs that should not have happened.
14. Complete the college administrative costs, not to join the trial failed because administrative costs college thesis still unfinished.
15. To deal with the thesis exam preparation session, for a summary in the form of power point, master thesis of summaries on powerpoint. Make it interesting powerpoint and you have to master anything that has been poured in the powerpoint. Remember do things that are not controlled and not understandable written on PowerPoint, you are guaranteed not pass the hearing. How to make a powerpoint that interesting, try downloading in google many examples of powerpoint (**** filetype: ppt) of interest that can be used as an example or can create their own relatives. S2 students not to gaptek, even not at all able to use MS office applications such as word, excel powerpoint moreover. Wahh .. be serious .. thinkers, intellectuals and potential decision makers can not use the computer .. maybe the internet has also never even know let alone use it.
16. Keep always the spirit and never give up, make sure that you can afford because you've grown up and no longer a child, if you fail then your success will be delayed as well. Do not have a thesis, ... time, effort and money ... who have you sacrifice to be in vain. There is no success without sacrifice, there is no free success.
I think the key to making the thesis is the first controlled method of statistics that will be applied as a problem to be studied. The results are just the output of the data that we input. Analysis of the results and conclusions are depending on how far we have mastered the statistical method.
The statistical methods like machine production in the factory. If we know, understand and master the use of the machines we already know roughly what the output will be generated. The result is either a problem or not depends on the raw material and the smooth production process. If the raw material or the data input is then also discharge waste bins (the extreme). So the output depends on the raw material or input data that will be examined, whether it is appropriate or not for the purpose of research.
Hopefully these tips useful for you in order to plan and completion of the thesis, thus making the thesis is not that scary and make us dizzy. Try to successfully achieve the prestigious academic title is locked with the work itself, will proudly carry lifetime. Do not principled instant and fast paced but there is nothing we can be proud.

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Dipersiapkan dan disusun oleh

Telah dipertahankan didepan Dewan Penguji
Pada Tanggal      Oktober  2009

Susunan Dewan Penguji

Tesis ini telah diterima sebagai salah satu persyaratan
Untuk memperoleh gelar Magister

Dr. Xxx xxxx, SE, M.Si
Pengelola Program Studi : Manajemen

Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mengkaji dan menganalisis pengaruh dari kepemimpinan dan budaya organisasi terhadap etos kerja profesional dan kinerja guru SMK Negeri di Kota xxxxx. Masalah dalam penelitian ini adalah 1) Apakah ada pengaruh kepemimpinan terhadap etos kerja profesional guru SMK Negeri di Kota xxxxx? 2) Apakah ada pengaruh kepemimpinan terhadap kinerja guru SMK Negeri di Kota xxxxx? 3) Apakah ada pengaruh budaya organisasi terhadap etos kerja profesional guru SMK Negeri di Kota xxxxx? 4) Apakah ada pengaruh budaya organisasi terhadap kinerja guru SMK Negeri di Kota xxxxx? 5) Apakah ada pengaruh etos kerja profesional terhadap kinerja guru SMK Negeri di Kota xxxxx?

Penelitian ini dilakukan terhadap guru di SMK Negeri di Kota xxxxx. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan kuesioner dan studi pustaka dengan jumlah sampel sebanyak 167 responden yang 112 responden wanita dan 55 responden pria. Teknik analisis data yang digunakan adalah dengan Structural Equation Model (SEM) dengan menggunakan program AMOS 16.0 karena memungkinkan kombinasi antara analisis faktor dan analisis regresi berganda.

Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa variabel kepemimpinan dan budaya organisasi berpengaruh secara signifkan terhadap etos kerja profesional. Selain itu, kepemimpinan dan budaya organisasi berpengaruh terhadap kinerja guru di SMK Negeri di Kota xxxxx., hal ini dapat dibuktikan dengan melihat nilai probability signifikansi lebih kecil dari standart 0,05.


The aim of this research was to study and analyse the influence from leadership and the organisation culture towards the professional work ethic and the achievement of the teacher SMK Negeri in Kota xxxxx. The problem in this research was 1) Whether having the influence of leadership on the professional work ethic the teacher SMK Negeri in Kota xxxxx? 2) Whether having the influence of leadership on the achievement of the teacher SMK Negeri in Kota xxxxx? 3) Whether having the influence of the organisation culture on the professional work ethic the teacher SMK Negeri in Kota xxxxx? 4) Whether having the influence of the organisation culture on the achievement of the teacher SMK Negeri in Kota xxxxx? 5) Whether having the influence of the professional work ethic on the achievement of the teacher SMK Negeri in Kota xxxxx?

This research was carried out against the teacher in SMK Negeri in Kota xxxxx. The data collection was carried out with the questionnaire and the study of the book with the number of samples totalling 167 respondents that 112 female respondents and the man's 55 respondents. Technically the analysis of the data that was used was with Structural Equation Model (SEM) by using the AMOS program 16,0 because of enabling the combination between the analysis of the factor and the analysis of multiplied regression.

Results of the research showed that the leadership variable and the influential organisation culture in a signifkan manner towards the professional work ethic. Moreover, leadership and the organisation culture were influential towards the achievement of the teacher in SMK Negeri in Kota xxxxx., this could be proven by seeing the value probability the significance was smaller than standart 0.05.

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Kitchenaid Mixer Best Price

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Kitchenaid Mixer Best Price :

This is a very good mixer. Powerful enough to handle dough. However, the one problem I have with it is that the dough, when kneading, clings to the "c" hook. At that time, you need to stop mixing and bring it off the hook. This can happen a number of times during each kneading session. I'm thinking that the other hooks on the more expensive (and recent) mixers would be better. I've tried spraying the hook with cooking spray before mixing, and also tried different wetness of dough, and it still happens.

Nevertheless, this is not a huge inconvenience and it is a powerful mixer.

The tilt-head feature and generous 4-1/2-quart capacity make the KitchenAid Stand Mixer the ultimate in user-friendly design. Features 10 speeds and KitchenAid‘s unique planetary mixing action, driven by a powerful 275-watt motor. Rugged all-metal construction ensures long life and quiet operation, and rubber feet anchor it securely while in use. This mixer has a 4-1/2-quart stainless steel bowl.

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Product Features

    275-watt 10-speed stand mixer with 4-1/2-quart stainless-steel bowl
    Locking tilt-head design; 8-cup flour power; rugged all-metal construction; rubber feet
    Multipurpose attachment hub accommodates all KitchenAid stand-mixer attachments
    Includes flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook
    Measures approximately 14 by 8-2/3 by 13-8/9 inches; 1-year warranty.

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The Essence Of Life

If we know who we are, where from, to what life on earth, then where else would step / move on, it seems if every self-conscious of all the things that we will not encounter a lot of complaints in living this life.

This life itself is a gift from the Almighty Giver. When we are born into this world, we also got the gift of love from parents. Imagine if we were born without anyone giving it affection, surely we do not exist today. All the things that we use in this life is a gift (taken for granted). What is given without strings attached. Without expecting a reply.
Currently we have grown, or more than an adult's own words. It is time to not only accept, but to give. Give what we have and we are able to give. No need heroics, things are simple. Giving a smile to those who passed by us, give love and attention to our parents. Beverages made possible, give greetings at home or away, or even give him a kiss on the hand.

The existence of our life today is not sudden, and it is not by itself without any without the intervention of others. The people around us really play a role in the existence of us. But why many do not realize it? Therefore, it is time to give.

Many of the things we want to achieve, such as jobs, ideals, our soul mate and so forth, before we get there should be a struggle, namely energy, thoughts and time. There is a saying give, then you will receive more. This does not mean what it does is have the intention, expectation of reward. Gives a measure of consciousness and sincerity. If accompanied by a desire to give a reply, and any grant recipient, then it's not giving a whole. But a negotiation. Struggling negotiations between gains and losses. It's no longer based on conscience.

Every administration must have in return, will be doubled. If you do not believe it, try and do it. View and calculate the objective. Reply was not only a nominal number of currencies, nor goods, but also can include the presence of opportunity, the preservation of health, increasing science and many more benefits obtained. Not to mention the increased reward.

If everyone knew and understood the meaning given this, perhaps we will not find the term stingy, miserable or poor. everyone who knew her life was giving will give again to others either morally or materially. Back to him in another form, so that such a cycle.
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