Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Business Idea without capital

Wrestle business opportunities and business opportunities property or ordinary people call a real estate agent can be an attractive option to be done. In addition to requiring no capital, is relatively easy to do, no time-consuming, does not take the place of the most interesting is a fairly large commission awaits.

Target Market
Our target market is people who want to sell their home or property. In addition prospective buyers are also candidates for our customers.

Things Needed
It's not a lot of things needed to start this business. It will be better if we have the ability to negotiate and willing to work hard. Almost everyone can pursue this business as long as it has the patience and perseverance.
First, you need to know where you can find this property, where subernya follows:
  1. Classified Ads
  2. Advertisements (you say that you are an investor with unlimited funds)
  3. Estate agents (you can entrust the message to the agent to notify you if there are properties with: the price below market prices, pressure to sell, and there is a minimum 10% return
  4. Combing 1 region
  5. Friends and acquaintances
  6. Bank
  7. Court
  8. Investment clubs
  9. Professionals (notaries, land agencies, lawyers, tax collector, etc.)
Secondly, what we do is look for dikoran or magazine ad that discusses the properties or advertising can also come to office by a real estate agent who is now a lot like Ray White, Century 21 etc.. The first thing you should look for is properties that want to be sold by certain ciri2 such as:
  1. NJOP sale worth (usually lower than the selling price)
  2. Immediate Sale / Fast
  3. Need Money / Funds
  4. Want to be auctioned
  5. Property obsolescence (often cheap)
The advantage of the properties with "special circumstances" such as this will allow us to negotiate more easily with-pemilk the property. If we have met with pemilk property then we can make an offer at a price that is more "expensive" than the requested. A bit weird? Indeed and that's intentional! Why? Because by "raising" the price of the requested sipenjual then we can "ask for" something from sipemilik property. For instance we asked for an extension of time for example 3 months or 6 months and then we paid (if possible with such a letter agreement between you and sipenjual).

Once you get the approval document that then we can start looking for buyers so that you do not need to spend money / capital. With a grace period of 3 - 6 months is enough time then you have to find a buyer.
To further attract the owner to keep only the "bound" to you then you can add in the agreement that you will also be "split" the commission you received for 20 - 30%. Lho kok really big? Why not, anyway you do not spend any capital.

Maybe find a buyer for the property and examination of documents is the most difficult.

To document your property can cooperate with the competent people with this. For your marketing can spread through your acquaintances for that you need to have a list of names who are always on the added or by using the Internet.
It would be nice if you also create business cards that we can share when you sell the property to offer to help if the person you wish to contact.

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