Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Business Tips On The Economic Crisis

You feel you do not have a business idea or business opportunities? No need to be confused, Because the chance of scattered around your business. What you see, you Hear, smell you, you feel and even what you think about all business opportunities contain.

When you see the hair for example, then you will from the find business opportunities haircut, shampoo making, the making of Combs, hair dye manufacture, sales and other hair accessories.

When you Hear the strains of a song for example, then you will from the find business opportunities, composing songs, a singer, a producer, selling tapes, home karaoke set up, create a ringtone download service and so forth.
When you smell your body odor, for example, then you will from the find business opportunities to make herbal anti-body odor, body odor, anti-selling herbal medicines, to make perfumes, to sell perfume, and so forth.

When you feel hot and sultry for example, will from then you find business opportunities to make a fan, making air-conditioning, fan and air-conditioning sales, service, fan and air-conditioning repairman, and others.

When you think, a lot of business opportunities related to the mind, Standard and Poor 'Providing education both formal and non formal education, writing books, book publishers, booksellers and others.

Now try you dig, what business opportunities you find Pls Can you look at the mole, Pls you Hear a noise, Pls you guys kissing (sorry) the smell of farts, Pls feel you Scared. How many business opportunities It Can be found? Quite a lot then?

So many business opportunities It Which Can you dig. Pls event you are not Able to See, Can less be Heard, less Able to feel, and Can not think, it will from open business opportunities for the glass eye maker, maker of hearing aids, doctors nervous, and mental hospitals.

In general, people with business to do: producing goods / services, a supplier, a distributor, Becoming a retailer, Became a broker, a carrier, Provide the means of production, production of teaching science, Renting of land, and changed from OR to Provide employees (outsourced).

When the crisis is not a hindrance to Be Able to explore business ideas. That proved the crisis not only caused many companies out of business but has led to new Also Who Are Successful entrepreneurs. The crisis not only caused Some countries slumped, but has raised new Also seprti in rich countries China and India.

Begin to explore the idea or business opportunity with the five senses and your mind, ranging from the environment around you, start now!

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