Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Finding Business: Sales Labels

The label apparently not a simple matter for Christian Le Bret. According to him, from the labels that are continually being pursued worldwide, manufacturers can produce a lot of money. Departed from thence, in 1987, he founded the French origin of Product of the Year, a world-class award for innovative products. "Judge the consumer directly," he said when the award was introduced in Indonesia, Wednesday (7/4/2010).

Today, after a stop at the 20 locations including Australia, India, Italy, South Africa, England and the United States, Le Bret brought the program to Indonesia. "Indonesia has a very dynamic market," he said, suggests the reason why the country is selected.
Furthermore, Le Bret who was accompanied by the Country Manager voted Product of the Year Patty Abidin and Director of Research Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) Indonesia Yanti Zen, who will obtain the product label at the top should be through the five stages. Although at this stage there is no charge for registration, each product that can step up to the final stage to pay about 3500 U.S. dollars. "The fund would be used for research by TNS costs to consumers," said Le Bret.

In the meantime, do not quit just like that, the winner also had to pay 15,000 U.S. dollars as the cost of licensing the use of the logo Product of the Year. Age licensors year.

With that said it costs is the cost of independence because the award was not guaranteed at all associated with a particular manufacturer, Le Bret added, there will be an increase in sales of about 15 percent of the products that won the award.

However, that would be conferred the award at next year this is really untested in Indonesia. Moreover, according to the recognition of Le Bret, it targets only in the range of mid-level consumers. In fact, more than half of consumers in Indonesia comes from the lower classes are often just more concerned with the cheap price. Be it could be, time will answer the efforts to find money from selling tebel neighbor country of origin label.

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