Thursday, March 25, 2010

Forming the Team Marketing The Reliable

One effective way to achieve sales mendongrak is to build a strong Sales Team. Research shows that the most influential factor in the sale are:
  • Competence salesperson 39%
  • Solution Total 22%
  • Quality Bid 21%
  • Price 18%
The first three factors of the four factors mentioned above is determined by the Sales Team.
Here are some practical guidelines for building a strong Sales Team:

  1. Team form of sales.
  2. Give a efektive selling methods, this method consists of the steps are simple, easy to understand, and can be implemented in the field. Each step must be able to provide measurable results and lead to the sale.
  3. Conduct Team Meeting in accordance with needs. Team Meeting needs include:
  1. Share the information needs of prospects (potential buyers) to members of the team, analyzing, and formulating an appropriate total solution to meet those needs
  2. Strategy plan for the sale and distribution of tasks
  3. Communication between members of the Team
  4. Preparation Meeting with Client (Prospect):
  • Determine the purpose (objectives)
  • Affirm the role of each team member
  • Create the meeting agenda
  • Template proposal. The right total solution needed packaged in a good proposal to present offers quality solutions.
  • Presentation Skills. Ability to his presentation with a stunning solution proposal before the client will be very helpful in the process of getting orders.
  • Review periodically, is necessary to monitor the progress of the work team, make corrections if there is deviation from the plan-na, and plan further action.

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