Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Household finances

When a man and woman decide to marry, then they are ready for mutual understanding, accepting and sharing the advantages and disadvantages of each. But in financial affairs, many say when the husband's income is the income of the wife as well. While earning wife, only his wife's.
But that depends on the agreement of each partner and if they work. If that works just the husband, the wife of just relying on the financial income of the husband.
In managing money, each pair having their respective policies. When asked for a lawyer, suggested his wife would have a savings account separate from the husband to avoid things that are not desirable in the event of divorce. Meanwhile, when talking to religious leaders, the wife will be required to have a joint savings for household harmony.
Both of these do have their advantages and disadvantages of each, but only you know the character of self and spouse. No one can regulate themselves better than running because you are in life with a partner and managing finances.
In iVillage websites, quoted from Wolipop, Friday (30/9), not the problem how to divide the money of each, but how do you confidence in carrying methods of personal finance.
Many women are married and still has his own savings. Many were entrusted to the husband's finances to be managed as a joint savings.
The question is whether it can be run properly? If not, change the mutual consent. Savings together would be good for both parties if there is transparency from both parties for each transaction to buy the communications plan. If you did not know anything, you're in the wrong way.
No matter how much you love and trust to the spouse, separate financial affairs on the basis of logic. You will never know what bad things can happen, ranging from the cheated, polygamy, abandoned or even obliged to feed his parents or his children out of wedlock.
Every household needs a leader. Tradition says the husband is the head of the family absolutely. However, what happens when your husband is bad in managing finances? Who of you and your partner are always paying bills on time, with good salary to manage finances and plan for the future of children in the future? Please specify your own.
Research found that women are more careful in managing finances. Not meant to be managing the family finances, she became free to determine the cash flow of households. Fixed follow the above method, namely to inform all the activities, either already running or planned.

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