Monday, July 16, 2012

Honesty Is The Key To Success On Business

In modern management concepts, the experts have invited us to go back to the essence of "truth" is essential in life to manage the organization. A large multinational business organizations were almost all put forward these essential principles. Bring together all elements of the organization to do the right thing and abandon practices that deviate. In this case the required trustworthiness (trustworthiness) so customers can have the trust (trust) in the organization. All this can only be obtained by running segela form with basic activities of honesty (honesty).

In running any business, it certainly applies to the name of business ethics. What is business ethics? Business ethics is a rule that determines the direction of doing business the right attitudes. That is the proper or not something is done in business. Business ethics is important and we must obey the truth.

Some of you may have heard the phrase "Find the haram was difficult, let alone a kosher!" Many argue that the era of honesty in business today is something that is impossible. Though, honestly is one of the requirements for the lucky.

Are you getting rich by lying? Lies should be avoided. You do not have to worry about a loss or go bankrupt just because you are honest. Why? There are many reasons to be honest in business, including the following.

A. Basically all the people do not like being lied to, as well as consumers. Be careful, it could be terbongar lies a deadly boomerang your business. This is a latent threat of harm incredible.

2. Being honest is a business strategy. You should not hesitate to tell the deficiencies in your business. Tell them that your interests with their interests. In business, you need to convince consumers that they get more value for goods or services they paid for. Any expenditure dollars must provide a meaningful value. Therefore, the determination to serve with all my heart will be a competitive advantage.

3. Technological developments today do not allow you to lie. No matter how small the lie is done, it would unravel. May advance information technology still faces many obstacles. But now such information has grown rapidly. Your customers will share their stories through forums on the internet, or other media, about your product. They have many sources of information they can access easily and quickly. So there is no room for lying.

4. If you do not advertise your products honestly, customers who have proven a lie you will announce to prospective customers who have not even had time to buy your product. Your customers are the future of your business. Your business continuity is in their hands. You have to keep their good faith.

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