Friday, October 19, 2007

Tips For You can Say "I Love You"

by the way Make sure you know...before you say, "I do!"

Show your sweetie your heart belongs to them with one of these 25 ways to say, "I love you!"

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1. Order a custom-made cake with, "I love you" written on it.

2. Call in a dedication on your partner's favorite radio station.

3. Have flowers, delivered in person by a mutual friend.

4. Post a dedication on

5. Commission a billboard on your partner's route to work.

6. Diamond anything, with a card, or engraved.

7. Send them a framed photograph, autographed by you.

8. Leave a message on their voice mail or pager.

9. Leave little love notes around the house where they will find them.

10. Write it on the bathroom mirror in fog-proof treatment.

11. Mail them a letter, postcard or greeting card.

12. Commission a sky writer to write it in the air.

13. Announce it over the public address system in any public place.

14. Send them a postcard from the heart.

15. Write them a love poem.

16. Build a web site dedicated to your love.

17. Take out an ad in their favorite newspaper or magazine.

18. Make a screen saver and have a colleague load it onto their work computer.

19. Create any one of the simple crafts on LYC and send it to your love with a note.

20. Send them a box of chocolates with a card.

21. Have an artist draw their portrait from a photograph.

22. Carve a heart into their favorite tree.

23. Buy them something they have always wanted.

24. Commission a love song, sung just for them.

25. Commission a romance novel with you both as the lead characters.

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Tips For You can Say "I Love You"

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