Saturday, August 11, 2007

Motivation From Crocodile Story

It was a king who had the power in a territory in Europe, a famous king the hero and was respected by the friend and his enemies.
The king had a daughter who moved mature and already during him married, but that was wanted by him was a son-in-law that the hero like him.

The king gathered his advisers and was agreed to held the contest to get a strong young man and the hero.
It was the swimming contest crossed the available river in front of the royal fortress that inside was filled up by many crocodiles that in a month were allowed to be hungry in order to become very cruel.

It is announced this contest all through his people and during the day that was determined arrived, began to arrive the young men from all the corners united, afterwards the king left and stood on his castle as well as lifted the sign flag of the commencement of the contest.
However until two length hours were not a single that dared to enter to the river that was full of the crocodile.
The king from restless and disappointed because felt will fail to get a hero from his people's circle.
When the sun began to rise, there was a group of young man came and went along in the crowd of the mass below the river and wondered what's up??.
After receiving the explanation from available people there they also only nodded while observing several tails of the available crocodile in the river and mutual index fingers without a single dared to join the contest.
When some people began to leave the river, suddenly was startled with the voice someone entered to the river, apparently one of the young men who just came that entered to the river and swam headed foreign with the high speed avoided the chase of several tails of the crocodile that tried to approach him.
Finally the young man succeeded in being safe through to foreign and was welcomed with merry applause and the king immediately descended welcomed the young man happily.
After being introduced with his daughter, the king agreed to hold the large-scale and merry wedding reception for seven days seven nights.
In the middle of the wedding reception, came also the friends of the hero's young man gave congratulations, they were really proud had

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