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Pyrotechniks and Practical Joke

This is a phile on making a smoke bomb. There are several ways to do it, but I think this is about the best. After the end of the formula, I'll put some varyations. Here's what you do:
Sugar (powdered works best, but any will do)
Saltpeter (you can get this at a hardware store)

OK, take 4 ounces of sugar and 6 ounces of saltpeter (you can use more, but keep the porportions right) and put them in a pot. Heat them over a low flame, stirring constantly, until it is liquid. Pour it into a container (more on this later) and let it harden.
What kind of container, you ask? Well, that depends on the circumstances. You
can just put it into a paper cup and light the cup, if you want. Or, you could put it in a glass jar with a hole in the top for the fuse and seal the hole around the fuse. Another way to do it is to pour it into a mold, stick a fuse in, and wait till it hardens.
How do I make a fuse? Very simple. Take some sturdy string and dip it in wax.
You now have a fuse suitable for a smoke bomb.

Which bomb should I use? The paper cup is good to just light it and chuck it. The glass jar (if made right) will shatter as the smoke builds up. I'd advise against that, cause it sends shards of glass everywhere, and it doesn't work unless you do it perfectly right. What you need to do is stop the hole with wax after you put the fuse in. then, when the fuse burns down to there, the wax melts and fills over the hole. More often than not, either the hole isn't filled properly or the wax gets popped out instead of the jar breaking.
Anyway, the mold is nice if you want to make a small, professional looking bomb. You can use almost anything for the mold. I like to take liquid rubber (you can get it at a hobby shop) and brush it over something like a pencil or whatever and paint it so it looks real (from a VERY great distance). You can also just pour it into an ice cream scoop or something. Stick the fuse in right after you pour the mixture. You should use a fuse about 1 1/2 inches long, with an inch sticking out.
Now that I have the bomb, what do I do with it? Easy. You light it and put it somewhere where it will cause trouble. You can light it and drop it near a smoke detector, or put it in a heating vent at your school. Now, if getting caught is a problem, you can do one of two things:
1) use a really long fuse, and dip it more than once in the wax, or
2) make a timer.
Making the timer:
Analog alarm clock (you can do it with a watch, but it's more difficult to work with the small parts. Wind up or b/o is best) wire hot melt glue gun and/or solder and soldering iron nine volt battery and terminal (you can get a pack of terminals at Radio Shit for like $1, or you can just take something that uses a 9 v battery and cut it off there)
iron nail Minimal intelligence ( if you don't have this, forget the whole thing)

Here's what you do:
Take the clock and knock the glass off. If the hands are metal, just solder the end of 1 wire to the hour or minute hand (depending on how long you want it to wait) and the other to the attery terminal. If it's not metal, glue the wire to the hand so the exposed part sticks out over the end of the hand. Then take another wire and solder ot to the end or the nail. solder the other end to the other battery terminal.
Now take another wire and glue or solder the end of it to the clock face at 6 so that the hand with the wire (or the wire glued to it) will touch it. You may need to bend the minute hand up so that it won't knock the wire over if you are using the hour hand as the live hand.
Now solder the other end of that wire to the end of the nail. When the wire on the hand and the wire at 6 touch, the circuit will be made and the nail will heat up. When you make the bomb, put the nail in in place of the fuse. Set the clock so you have as much time as you need (if you want it to go off 5 minutes later, put the wire on the minute hand and set the clock at 12:25) and place the bomb.

That'll do it for this phile. Remember, explosives are dangerous (even smoke bombs) and the glass jar method is VERY dangerous. It will send shrapnel flying at speeds high enough to go right through people. It looks cool from a distance, but make sure you are experienced enough to do it, and make sure no one is around to get hit by the glass.
Disclaimer: This phile was written for information purposes only, and the author does not condone the construction or use of explosives. I take no responsibility for and damages caused by lamers who read this.

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