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Welfare Improvement Poor

Welfare Improvement Poor

To empower the poor do not give him fish. Give the hook. Why the hook? Kail is synonymous with the instrument. That is a tool to find fish. Hook shape can be a variety of fishing rods, nets, FADs or the like which can produce fish. Hope is simple, with a tool that is able to work so that poor people get the fish from the results of his own sweat. The work done themselves, tend to be more sustainable than begging, and certainly more respectable. The work of the business itself is far more valuable than just begging. As the history of the Prophet which has given the ax to the poor beggars. Then the poor, it went to the forest to fetch firewood.

If we look deeper, the problems of the poor were increasingly complex. Once the poor is only a problem of capital or lack of skill problems. With the capital they are able to access the natural resources around them with the skills they already have. Now, the problem is not as simple as a condition of poor people first. Natural resources has been the access to sources of income from not producing. Forests bare. If there's a plant, likely to have been controlled conglomerates. For poor people who have the skills to sell in traditional markets, are now massaging the chest because of prestige and not compete with supermarket prices started to go into the villages. Indonesia, which once referred to himself as an agricultural country,
Farmers are confused because the majority of poor people who can not afford the changing seasons diprediksli by climate experts. Weather forecast is sometimes missed by reason of global climate change. Farmers plant is quite difficult to determine what is appropriate. Turn abundant harvest, they were devoured by the bookie, loan shark or even government policies that raise the price of fertilizer. Petanipun not capable of planting for next season.

Welfare Improvement Poor

Community empowerment should be able to nurture entrepreneurial spirit of the poor. Many still doubt, whether they could or not. If our perspective is to provide a hook, then we must be prepared to sort out my chest, because they will compete with local conglomerates that sometimes are much thinner than its social conscience on the conscience of the business. The choice is for empowering the fighters are not just providing hooks but equip the poor to be able to choose the right type of hook. They are also equipped with knowledge to choose the location or source of fish that allegedly capable of producing fish, so the results are able to take home. They must also be equipped with market knowledge to know how much appreciated his efforts. They must also be given an assistant, who is able to provide a motivation to them, so in having friends to tell when the hard, help the problems they experience to find solutions. Moreover, the presence of co-bias programs helping to plan a future life.

Independent Community wants to strengthen its position as a community assistance agencies. Independent community believed that the hook-hook provided in the community are sometimes not effective enough to improve their living conditions much less be more sustainable. We need to ensure that they have the ability to use a hook to the right, take care, and also menumbukan belief that these hooks are part of a noble endeavor.

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