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Doing Business On Crissis With Spirit

Doing Business On Crissis With Spirit

Is it entrepreneur (entrepreneur)? According to the Oxford Dictionary, an entrepreneur is "A person WHO undertakes an enterprise or business, with the chance of profit or loss" (A person who is responsible for a business to bear the risk of profit or loss).

The next question, what's the difference entrepreneur with a merchant (trader)? Jodi Dharmawan, one of the speakers at an International Seminar on entrepreneurship, said that a clear distinction between the two is, an entrepreneur really love the business, and run it with a passion (passion).

"In contrast to traders, who's just looking for sheer profit," said Jodi, President Director of PT Lee Cooper Indonesia, in front of hundreds of participants of the International Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Entreprenial Schools Educationb Networking Workshop, at President University, Cikarang, Bekasi, mid last week. This seminar is a series of Global Entrepreneur Week celebration, which is celebrated around the world.

Jodi, told students and students, and teacher participants of the seminar, pointed out, a handyman who loved his job sate, and sell not merely expect wealth, could be called an entrepreneur. "Ninety percent of the entrepreneurs did not think to get rich. They just have ideas, passion," said a member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) that.

In addition, Jodi also mention the courage, openness, trust and uphold the honor, as well as cool,
as an important provision for an entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, Judith Cone, other speakers from the United States, said that the entrepreneur is not easy. "Not only working hard, but it worked very very hard!" said vice president of Kauffman Foundation's Emerging Strategies.

An entrepreneur, for Judith is a creative, innovative, solve problems, provide solutions, and determined to achieve something (idea) becomes real.

He gave an example of a young entrepreneur named Brendang Checko (20 years), who now holds the management of singer Rihanna, and have the client's legendary group The Rolling Stones, in the field of website creation. According to Judith, Brendan, who dressed in the style of American youth slang, has been working hard since the age of 11 years.

Cliff Southcombe, other speakers who also fills the seminar, explained another aspect of the (business) entrepreneur, namely social entrepreneur. Consultant / Managing Director of Social enterprise / Social Enterprise Europe Ltd, the highlight classification of entrepreneurs, the business entrepreneur and social entrepreneur.

According to Cliff, the main difference lies in the use of both advantages. Business entrepreneurs take advantage of its profits to expand the business, while utilizing the benefits of social entrepreneurs - in part or entirely - be reinvested for community empowerment.
"That entrepreneur was not looking for  profit (profit) , but something different that comes out of our minds. As to how this could create a social activity, not only money but also give added value to people's lives," said a British man was.

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