Friday, February 19, 2010

Some of the mistakes by Women On Business Operates

There are two main mistakes made when building a business woman. First, they do not know myself, and could not analyze the market needs. Error in analyzing these markets because they are more likely to follow your heart in the business. Second, they are also often hired a close friend or friends in the business. Often they are too trusting on friends, or be reluctant to friends, so if there is chaos they did not directly discuss it.

"One of the shortage of women is to make friends on the staff or the trust. They feel the need of trust,''said Indayati Oetomo, International Director, John Robert Power, in the discussions and the launch of the book The Girl's Guide to Starting Your Own Business in La Piazza, Kelapa Ivory, Thursday (28/01/2010).

According to him, it could be a friend of the trust. But, do not be complacent. So believe with a friend, you give all authority to him. ''If you have a friend who made the staff, get ready for it betrayed. Prepared to remain a professional even though he was not professional,''explained watchdog motivator and this woman.

He said that women in fact a complex mixture in the business world. Because many use the right brain, women's business ethics are not based on logic alone, but also with the heart. Well, when there are feelings involved, it is often a wedge for women.

''For instance, there was an awkward feeling when doing business with close friends. Or feeling reluctant to call if there are things that feel less wear,''he added.

Indayati encourage women to give examples of subordinates and colleagues, so they are consistent, just like you. ''The key to modeling, and remain consistent. Arrived on time, and do preparation for a presentation or meeting. Communicate professionally with anyone and apply discipline. For example, go home after working hours of employees. Indicate if you are a tenacious person and not lazy,''he said.

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