Friday, January 08, 2010

Research On Bad Habits Of Women During Late

One study revealed that women tend to do bad habits while working late at the office. They generally spend a long time in the office accompanied by cigarettes, coffee, and high-calorie snacks and sugar.

Team of researchers from Leeds University in England revealed, although men and women often consume unhealthy foods during overtime, but this habit is more impact on women's health.

This research was conducted by looking at eating patterns of 229 female respondents and 193 male respondents. They also noticed the symptoms of stress that may attack the respondents while working overtime.

According to Professor Cary Cooper, one of the researchers, in overtime when women tend to choose foods that contain fat and sugar and coffee and cigarettes consumed in excess. This condition worsened health because of their overtime while usually forget to exercise.

While for men, overtime work does not affect them in the exercise habits, coffee consumption and smoking.

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