Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gender Issues in Development

Gender issue is one issue that often in perdebatankan and concern in implementing a development policy, both in terms of economic kehiduipan, socio-cultural and political. Bahakan gender issue became a contentious issue in the discussion of employment. Gender issues are not issues that arise due to differences in men and women are seen from the shape and physical abilities, but seen in un-equal conditions and discriminatory treatment between men and women in different life. Un-equal conditions and discriminatory treatment between men and women is the result of a process of socio-cultural pendiskriminasi who gave birth sterotip and pendiskriminasian differences between permpuan and men. Treatment of gender discrimination also occurs in the employment structure, where women and men are distinguished and the sterotip that men are more productive than women. Treatment of gender discrimination is often caused the implementation designs and implementation of gender-biased policies, and ultimately the achievement of the output of a policy can not be achieved optimally.

Several studies have shown empirical evidence that a policy of gender berspektif can not give you more optimal results in the achievement of the objectives of development policy, especially employment policies. Empirical evidence in several countries showed that the productivity of output produced by women who are disketor, particularly the informal sector (due to gender pendiskriminasian) quite large and significant, so this shows that gender berspketif policy is needed. Were related to employment policy, gender policy is needed so berspketif more women have access to economic activities and productive sectors, especially related to employment. With these policies will be expected to have an impact on increasing income levels and household welfare.

Some empirical evidence also shows that gender berspektif policy approach can provide a significant impact on improving people's welfare and poverty reduction. Gender policy approach is also able to provide improvements to the quality of community life.

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