Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Over Buyer And Under Buyer : For Women

We often question the people who have Impulsive buying habits. But actually, people who rarely shop could harm himself, even other people. I was so lazy save, or save something of goods (including medicines), she often contrived fuss when suddenly need it.

Two types of shoppers who are usually called bertolakbelakang buyer over and under buyer. In fact each has advantages, but often also result in chaos. Try to do the test, the type where you are:

You are an over-buyer, if:
  1. You buy baby clothe funny, but the little trigger-growing large before you remember these clothes store in the closet.
  2. You buy a stock of goods such as shampoo or cough medicine in large quantities.
  3. You frequently buy gadgets or appliances you have not, by thinking, "This would be useful later." "
  4. You make a list of stores that you want to visit before you travel in a city or country.
  5. Periodically you have to throw objects such as: milk, medicines, and even a can of fruit cocktail, because it has expired.
  6. You buy knick-knacks, and said to myself, "This is certainly going to be a sweet gift! ', But did not know to whom your gift will be given.
  7. You think that, "Buying these things shows that I am responsible, organized, and attentive."

You are an under-buyer if:
  1. You are often hesitant to buy items such as blazers good quality 50% discount, or a little black dress you often need to attend the semi-formal, and often find items already sold out when you arrive at the store.
  2. You're Suspicious of specialized objects and resist buying things dedicated to very specific uses: suit bags, special plastic plates and Cutlery for children, hand cream, rain boots, hair conditioner.
  3. You often need other goods in lieu of stock have been exhausted, such as using body soap for facial cleansing soap substitute, or buy shampoo in sachets in retail because they do not have time to buy shampoo.
  4. You often find things that you need, but canceled the purchase because they think, "Next time it is", or, "I think I need-need enggak very deh."
  5. If you must buy something, you buy as little as possible. For example, to buy gasoline only Rp 50,000. In fact, you'll have to bring a car each day.
  6. You are proud of yourself for a principled, "I do not spend too much, and this shows that I am frugal and not someone who consumptive."

An under-buyers often feel stress because they do not have the goods actually needed. If the periods come early, you often have to go to minimarket 24 hours at midnight to buy sanitary napkins. When in office, you are also frequently requested drugs to friends. However, you still do not want to change this habit.

Conversely, people who over-buyers feel stressed because of stuck with goods that would not necessarily be used. You also often run out of places to put these items. They even feel depressed to see the number of knick-knacks that previously they believe will be used, and how many are eventually forced trashed.

Advice for the under-buyer: buy what you need, without a moment's delay. Do not until you are forced to run in the early morning or middle of the night because it requires something you can get in advance.

As for over-buyers: Think again before you open the wallet. You do not need to stock the toilet paper a year is not it?

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