Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tips True Lose Weight

No need to feel tortured to get your ideal body. Simply by changing daily lifestyle you too can achieve your desires. Try to do daily steps below to ensure that you reach your dream weight in a healthy way.

1. Considering Body Weight Every Day
If your weight continues to increase every few days, it is a sign of danger that you should start to reduce intake of fatty foods, or increase the portion of practice.

2. Fruit consumption Twice a day
Fruit has no fat, and most of its contents are water, so that will give satiety in your stomach. While providing a place for high-calorie foods. The fruit also has lots of healthy fiber. Make sure you add this fat-burning foods in your diet everyday.

3. Body Shaping 3 time a week
Do push-ups combined, half squat, and Squat turns within 5 minutes, and give pause each time 30 seconds. This exercise will build and maintain body mass. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, so will the more calories you burn in daily activities.

4. Teman Sejati
Well, that is rather difficult to obtain. The next time you are stuck to want to eat certain foods is not good for your diet, contact your friends are. Ask your friends to remind you that can remind you of a diet that you are living. Research shows, that sense of desire to consume something only lasted 5 minutes. So, when you're finished talking with your friends, a sense of passion that has faded away.
5. Visualize Self
There will be times when you "fall". When you feel you are tired and bored, unable to move on. When that happens, try to sit quietly and imagine yourself successfully achieving your weight like that. Need help? Try to put your photos or clothes in the past that you believe it is the size you want to achieve again.

6. Longer Sleep
Take time to sleep half an hour earlier than usual, and woke up 30 minutes longer than usual to help you have the ability to choose better foods. When you get enough sleep, your desire for snacking because of fatigue or stress will decrease.

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