Friday, October 02, 2009

Review : Book "Be Optimal" Reach Real Succes in Life and Business

This book invites us to empower ourselves and improve their competence in both the individual and the organization. A man has four physical dimensions, mind (thoughts), heart and conscience. These four dimensions affect each other. Fourth human dimension that needs to recognized needs because that's what gives the ability to shape lives and achieve peak performance. We should be able to maintain the emotional state of our bodies because it will have an effect on the health of our bodies. The brain holds a very vital role in coordinating parts of our body which aims to determine the physical condition, attitude and our lives.

Individuals or organizations need direction in life's journey. Similarly, the balance between abundance and constraints that need to be known by the individual so that he knows where he's in position now, so he know how to get the level of abundance.

Every person in the company will have a personal map to achieve goals. This book invites us into the awareness of our perceptions, our map images personally. The brain sometimes the wrong form the map, the map is wrong with the wrong direction. The perception is wrong with the wrong reaction. This is the same thing when we start a business. We'll start by making a map. Therefore cautious and make sure when determining a perception. Consider all aspects of the process is that the brain will draw a map that clearly and correctly.

To achieve organizational goals that have been planned, the individuals within it should be a powerful rowing team who work hard and smart to achieve organizational goals. One way to use value-based management. We can assess how the strategy we have selected effect on the company's assets. We can measure the results achieved in the implementation periodically. Balanced Scorecards management complements the company's value to map, reduce, and communicate strategies. Besides strategy, communication is very vital in an organization.

This book invites the individual to actualize themselves and to live fully and bring the company to maximize the potential of people who work and are involved in a company that concurrently place for all dimensions of human development the company's employees.

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