Sunday, October 04, 2009

Increase Earning With Get Link

Infolinks is an advertising program that inserts text link advertisements within the content of a website. The text ads usually appear as double-underlined links which show an informational bubble when a mouse hovers on it. Sample Infolinks ads can be seen in the PMT Forum.

I’ve known Infolinks since early this year but I was hesitant on using it because I really dislike seeing double-underlined links and automatic pop-up ads on the site. This explains why I use it only in the forum and not on the blog.

Anyway, after seeing good reviews from other bloggers, I decided last week to give it a try.

The Good

Getting your account approved was surprisingly quick. I applied for an account last week and within 1 day, my account was approved and the ads were already visible on the site.

Another good thing about Infolinks is that it is easy to use. You are given a simple snippet of code which you place somewhere on your site and you’re done. Unlike Google Adsense, you don’t need to tinker with the ad design or placement. Simply paste the Infolinks code on your site then the ads will appear instantly.

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good luck

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