Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Importance Of Learning Characters

Each time we are dealing with a variety of situations. Especially when dealing with others.

As a leader, do you how how to `burn 'the motivation of our employees? As mothers, we often do not believe it confused plus dizzy by a stubborn character of our children?! Quite often also, as our husbands keep fighting the same wife as well when we love and love? Is there a `chemical 'or a particular pattern that affects the nature, attitude and our reactions and feel in dealing with various situations ... so that we can be more at peace and understand why all the reactions that happen? Would not life be more enjoyable if we are to each other to understand each other?

Florence Litteur, bestselling author of "Personality Plus" outlines, there are four basic patterns of human nature. If only we all understood, we would be very helpful in dealing with people will be lain.Kita to understand why your husband suddenly enraged when a cluttered desk tidy we set. We will also be easy to understand why our employees so easy and great promise ... And she easily forget, "Oh yes, I forgot" she said with a laugh relaxed. We will also be easy to understand why our wives do not want to hear our opinions at all, not to be outdone, tend to defend himself, always felt right to his opinion and increasingly fierce fight if we want to try to defeat it.

The first, says Florence is sanguinis group, "The Popular". They tend to want a popular, wants liked by others. His life is filled with colorful flowers. They talked senangsekali unstoppably. Undulating emotions and transparent. At one point he shouted with joy, and moments later he could be sobbing.

However sanguinis people are a little bit forgetful, unable to concentrate, inclined to think `short ', and his department could not be arranged. If one time you see your employees desks tend to fall apart, so he obviously could sanguinis. Most likely, he was less able to discipline with time, often forget the promise of making much less planning / plans. But if asked to do something, he would quickly say yes and look really seemed that he would do. In the spirit of all he wanted to prove that he can and will do so immediately. But believe me, a few days later he did not do anything.

Others again with the second type, class melancholia, "the Perfect". Somewhat contrary to the sanguinis. Tend to all regular, orderly, scheduled, organized according to patterns. Generally they are happy with the facts, data, figures and often thought of everything in depth. In a meeting, people sanguinis always dominate the conversation, but people tend to analyze hip, think, consider, and if you must speak what he really said he thinks the results are very deep.

People always want to completely melancholia perfectly. All things to order. Therefore do not be surprised if your toddler is `melancholia 'not` not able to sleep just because of her membentangi blanket neatly yet. And do not try to change the contents of the cabinet that had been developed wife `melancholia 'you, because he really-neat order, so that the color, type, use the classification he had carefully calculated. If he needs to write down one by one layout of each type of garment. He will be very pissed if the order was suddenly so different.

Third, human Koleris, "The Strong". They love to regulate these people, like point-point or the commands. He did not want any audience in the activity. Even guests can sajaia `send 'pass up something for him. Due to its `bossy 'it makes a lot of people koleris not have many friends. The orangberusaha avoid, away so as not to be `victims 'of a character like` set' and do not want to lose it.

People koleris pleased with the challenge, like adventure. They have a sense, "only I can solve everything; without me apart all". Therefore they are very "goal oriented", assertive, strong, fast and agile to do something. For him there is no word impossible. A woman koleris, willing and brave up the cliff, climbing trees, fighting wars or leading. If she had wage spirit "yes must be ..." then almost certainly what he would do would be achieved as he put it. Because he did not give up easily, not easy to beat.

This is different with the fourth type, the Phlegmatis "Love Peace". This group does not like conflict, because it was told what he wanted to do, though he himself did not like. For her peace is everything. If you have problems or fights, he will try to find a peaceful solution without an argument arises. He would lose little or willing to hurt, as long as the problem did not continue long.

The phlegmatis less enthusiastic, less regular and cool completely. Tend quiet, calm, and if you solve the problem generally very pleasant. Patiently he would be a good listener, but when asked to make a decision he will continue to procrastinate. If you see a sudden there was a group of people clustered around a great person to talk on, then surely it parapendengar clustered phlegmatis people. Was the talk of course the sanguinis.

Sometimes a little awry phlegmatis dealing with this. Like the donkey, "if pushed cranky, but if left the way". So if you have the staff or employees phlegmatis, you must be diligent until he is motivated to motivate himself by himself.

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