Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ones True Love

by sisi

When I was 12 I saw a boy, for some reason i wanted him to notice me so bad. I knew that he was my very first crush. unfortunately i never saw him again. As i went through Jr. High and graduate from there i went on ahead to High School. Throught the whole two years I wonder to my self who he was. During the first three days of High School i kept going to a friends house after school, and finally I saw him I asked my friend who he was. She told me I should know him he lives down the street from me. I told my friend that i had a crush on him for two years now, she ran to tell him. He told her that he didnt like me. That night i went home and cried the whole night. I didnt know why my heart hurted so much and I didnt know why. A few weeks later i heard that his friend dared him to ask me out. That night afternoon he came and asked me out, I answer to him yes. Every night we would stay up on the phone late and just listen to each other breath till we both fell asleep. we wouldnt hold hands toghter at school because we were too shy. When we dated for almost a week i found out that he was suspose to break up because it was only suspose to be a dare. I got worried that night when he called me. We talked and talked then when we were about to hang up he told me that he only wanted to be friends, i started to cry on the phone butalso tried to hide it from him. He asked "softly whats wrong" I answered back "nothing." that night before we hung up he told me not to think too much and go to sleep. The next morning i didnt fell good so i didnt wanted to go to school, but my daddy forced me to. When i got there i saw him and decide to cross the street so I can avoid him. he walked fast to try to catch up to me and he said "are you mad about yesterday?" I started to cry and looked away, I didnt want ot give him the satisfaction that he hurted me. He looked me straight in the eye and said "no matter what i said nothing can keep us apart." He held he tight in his arms and kissed me on my forhead. there is no ending for that story yet but we've been together for four years since.

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