Monday, December 11, 2006

Life's Dream For You

By Marcia Wieder

There are the dreams you have for your life and then there are the dreams that life has for you. At times, we may wonder what’s going on or feel lost, but life has its plan which may include your dreams or something completely different.

We're all part of the fiber that makes life whole and to that end, we have our place here. For such a time as this, you were created to do some important work in the world. Do you have any idea, in your wildest imagination, what life wants from you?

You were born to fulfill a sacred function, a mission, a purpose, perhaps even a calling. Not all missions have to be like Mother Theresa’s. Some of our missions are quieter, more discreet, but nonetheless essential.

Where do you find the answer to the question, “Why am I here?” Look in your heart or in your loved ones’ eyes, or in the words of your closest friends. But also look out at life. There's so much the world needs from us right now. Life needs your faith, your courage, your ability to trust, hope and believe. Life needs your prayers and contributions. Life needs your gifts.

To live a joyful life, discover what fulfills you, what makes you happy, what makes you whole and what sustains you. The compass for discovering this is your heart. Some refer to it as our soul’s code. It's the inherent wisdom inside you that knows why you're here. When you cultivate the ability to recognize this and to trust it, life becomes rich and (sometimes) easier.

Where can you offer your gift? As you explore or recognize what life (perhaps in the form of your family, home, work, community or country) needs, and you move towards it or reach for it, an amazing thing happens. Life reaches back. It can be in the form of appreciation, synchronicity or intimacy.

This is life’s way of letting you know you're on track. It’s feedback. But sometimes the greatest gift of saying yes to life’s dream for you is how you feel. There's nothing more gratifying than truly knowing in your heart that you are acting with purpose.

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