Friday, November 03, 2006

Dreams of you

By Rebecca Edmondson

You’re all I see in my sweet dreams,
Dreams of you holding me,
So calm and so close,
Dreams of you help me feel safe and loved.
Kissing you in my dreams felt so real,
I rest my head so softly on you,
As you come closer to kiss my face.
I feel so precious,
I cherish every moment,
We are together.
I dream of it lasting forever,
Forever you and I
I love the thought of dreaming cause,
It’s so pleasant and colourful,
Filled with sweet you.
Nothing could be so beautiful and romantic.
My world with you is so heavenly,
My heart lays warm and secure with you.
I dream constantly of you my sweetheart.
I’m so happy with you in my dreams,
Please don’t leave me stay forever.
Cause I forever want to dream of you.

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