Friday, November 03, 2006

Love Always

Mere words cannot do justice
to the feelings in her heart
the way she feels
and needs
and aches for
the way that
she carries his smile
in her soul
and takes it out
from time to time
just to make the everyday
seem a little more
the way a thousand voices ring
in her ears
yet she only hears
his unspoken words
the way every thought
every sight and sound
reminds her
of something else
of someone else
of him
and the way she loves
unlike she's ever loved
without all the pretense
and confines
that she had believed
to be love
the way she knows
even though
this love will remain untouched
it has touched her
and though she will never feel
his hand
in the small of her back
he has guided her
back into life
and love
and she will love

Written by Tammy Hoover a.k.a. MysticBlue
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