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Poverty in European Countries

Poverty in European Countries.

British national had experienced poverty in late-1700s revival in the era of the industrial revolution in Europe. At that time the poor in the UK comes from power-plant worker who has been a farmer who received low wages, so the ability of its purchasing power is also low. They generally live in the slums are vulnerable to social ills such as prostitution, crime, jobless.

United States as developed countries had also faced the problem of poverty, especially during the economic recession of the 1930s. In fact, in the 1960s the United States listed as a superpower and richest nation in the world. Most of the population live in sufficiency, the United States also has a lot to give assistance to other countries. However, behind the state's recorded as many as 32 million people or one sixth of the population classified as poor. Poverty in European Countries

World Bank (World Bank) to identify the causes of poverty from the perspective of individual access to a number of assets that are important in supporting life, namely the underlying asset's life (eg health and skills / knowledge), natural assets (such as agricultural land or land preparation), physical assets ( such as capital, production facilities and infrastructure), financial assets (eg bank loans and other loans) and social assets (such as social security and political rights). The absence of access from one or more of the above assets is the cause of someone falling fell into poverty.

From the perspective of employment, then a general solution to the problem of poverty is by providing access to individuals in all the above resources. For example, by providing access for poor individuals processed on the availability of land coupled with an attractive loan scheme and the availability of necessary infrastructure, will enable poor individuals to increase productivity so that in a certain time can be expected that poor individuals will be able to meet the needs that will ultimately improve hidupanya level.

But in addition to an existing access opening above, still need one other important step to resolve poverty, by providing social security to certain individuals who are faced with all the limitations such as people with disabilities and elderly.
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