Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Savings of Education and Insurance Education

Savings banks are a product of the main functions of storing and collecting funds. Insurance is a product of an insurance company that its main function provides financial protection if the breadwinner families experiencing adversity.

Education savings insurance has to have a protective function. Insurance education savings function has to be able to raise funds. If using education savings from your bank charged 20% tax on interest or profits derived from the results, while insurance costs are deducted regularly from the acquisition of the interest or profit after tax results.

The value of insurance benefits, educational savings products of relatively small banks, even those that only provide compensation for the accident due to an accident. For insurance, the investment is not taxable if the past 3 years, and the relatively large value or compensation can be adjusted as needed, but the cost of year-to-1 to 3 are deducted from the premium is relatively large.

I suggest, for a relatively short period of time and need welfare money is not great, you should use of education savings. But if the period is long and needs a big allowance, for example because the child was a toddler and the family breadwinner in only one person, use the insurance education.

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