Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cigarettes: Health and Economic Dilemma

Smoking can cause various diseases occur in people who consume them and those around him. Although already know the dangers of smoking, most people still consume them because according to them, when smoking was their own pleasure, and there are several other advantages obtained.

Although the government knew the dangers of smoking, but they can not just make rules to ban smoking in public places, should be studied and analyzed first. In some other countries, bans on smoking in public places was introduced. As a consequence, especially for facilities where smoking has been provided. In Indonesia, it can not because it means diimplentasikan special places that smoking should be provided for smokers should be built in various places.

Actually, the most effective solution for avoiding the dangers of smoking is to cover all cigarette manufacturers that no longer people who smoke. But whether it is the right solution? In terms of economic, foreign cigarettes produces a large enough for the state. So if all the cigarette factories closed, the state will finance the deficit. In addition, the number of workers employed in cigarette factories will increase unemployment in large numbers if all the cigarette factory closed.

If you think smoking's okay as long as there is a limit, not to disturb or even kill someone else. For example in places / public transportation, if there are people who are elderly (especially the sick paru-paru/jantung) or have small children, should be a cigarette off course

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