Tuesday, September 08, 2009

How do i make a lot of friends?

Written below is a quote from yahoo answer I feel is important for you. And maybe you are, can help this answer that question.

Question :
I'm a freshman in high school, school started today and i'm new, so i don't know anyone or already have some friends like most people do. I didn't even make one "friend" today, i met a couple people and briefly/barely talked to them, but i have zero friends. I was pretty quiet and sort of shy today, nobody approached me first.

So anyways, i want to make as many friends as possible, especially before lunch tomorrow, because i have nobody to sit with and that's like my biggest fear. Help, i need GOOD advice..and tips at all?

some answers that have been given until this moment there is no assessment, which is the best answer

Answer :
JoeyDubs : Send them friend requests
Knave : Don't look to make lots of friends right now, look to make like one friend in each class, then build it up from there.
wordfrom... : well, what i do first day of school is

1. Crash tables. if I see a group of ineresting people that I don't necesarily know, I go up to them and sit down.

2. talk to people in line.

3. smile

4.talk to people in class

Laura : You don't make friends in a day, or even in a week. You will make a lot of aquaintances though. Be yourself, don't try too hard, and friends will come in time. If you end up with more friends than you can count on your fingers consider yourself fortunate. In these times when people think friends are something you can get with an invite on facebook, true friends are few and far between.

Aerial : Just talk to people. Be yourself, Don't be shy or scared just be outgoing. You will do fine. Try to approach them first and be confident. you will fine some friends, BE YOURSELF

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