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Make Love Part 1, How I Tested the Techniques

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How I Tested the Techniques

I wasn't content with simply relying on research. I needed to see if these techniques would work in the field. Several years ago, to test my theories, I created a seminar with the same title as this book, "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You."
Invitations flowed in from all over the country from colleges, singles' groups, clubs, and continuing education organizations. It is on this playing field that the material has been tested. And the feedback from my students is, "Yes!" You can make someone fall in love with you.
Is it a simple task? No.
Does it require sacrifice? Yes.
You may decide, after reading this book, that capturing his or her heart is simply not worth having to give that much of yourself. But if you do want to proceed, follow me. We will explore the skills needed to accomplish the task, to make the Potential Love Partner of your choice fall in love with you. (You notice that I have used the words Potential Love Partner several times. I will do so throughout the book because, although it is bulkier, the phrase is more accurate than anyone, which my publisher wisely decided is more readable.)
Who are your Potential Love Partners? First, a Potential Love Partner (or PLP) is anyone who is ready for love. Timing, if not everything, at least counts a lot. For example, if someone has just lost a beloved spouse, he or she may not be ready for love. That knocks him or her—temporarily—out of the PLP category.
Second, a Potential Love Partner is anyone free of esoteric psychological (or Lovemap) needs. These are needs that, through no fault of your own, you can't fulfill. We'll talk a lot about your Quarry's Lovemap later. That leaves many Potential Love Partners, a myriad of hearts to choose from. Let us embark now upon the path that leads you to the heart of the man or woman you desire.

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