Monday, November 12, 2007


Strive for balance.
Powell is unequivocal here. Don’t neglect home and family life. Go to those Little League games and that piano recital. Don’t spend yourself entirely at work. If your workplace gets jealous, think about a change. Again, life is short.

Have fun in your command.
Research suggests that those who have fun in their jobs perform better, innovate on a more consistent basis, and are less likely to crack under pressure.

Don’t clock hours for hours’ sake.
Don’t confuse activity with productivity. Powell is not necessarily impressed by those members of his team who work long hours. (It’s the productivity, at the end of those hours, that counts.) Get things done, take your vacations, and encourage others
to do the same.

Make it a priority to create a balanced, fun environment for others. Remember, an environment where people work hard, play hard, and take leave when they’ve earned it is the optimal environment for morale, innovation, and performance.

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