Sunday, December 10, 2006

3 Steps To Achieve Your Goals

STEP ONE: Ignite The Fire Within And Do Something!

Perhaps the greatest key to achieving your goals is passion. Determination springs from inspiration and/or desperation. You have to let loose with an almost fanatical passion to succeed, never allowing anything to get in your way of achieving your goal.

You have to act, and you have to stop listening to the "chickens"!

STEP TWO: Acquire Unnerving Energy And Discipline

Discipline is not a popular word, but it is essential towards greatness.

Luke warm attempts arrive at luke warm results. Those who put in the extra mile, go the extra mile, it's that simple. If there is a unifying thread that ties movers and shakers together in the world, it would be energy, and in almost all cases, some form of great discipline.

STEP THREE: Follow Proven Roadmaps To Success

No need to reinvent the wheel, others have gone before you, and have achieved what seemed to be impossible goals, follow their examples!

This last step can help us tremendously to develop the first two steps as well. By reading inspiring stories, seeing clear examples, witnessing impossible odds overcome, with clear roadmaps, can indeed give us more passion, more energy, more discipline.

This happens much like a microphone that goes into a continual loop of sound feedback... i.e. we get the inspiration to start, we see some small changes, this inspires us further to continue, and on and on and on... till our goal is achieved with a BOOM!

It all starts with one small step...

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