Sunday, November 19, 2006


By Mark Victor Hansen

One of my favorite life-changing assignments to have people do is to write down 101 goals for themselves. This helps to create a solid list of what they want to do and to have in their lifetime. Then, after that initial list has been written, I ask them to create 10 outrageous goals by plussing, or adding to, their initial goals. These are things so extraordinary that 10 goals are all they need.

Why should people have 10 crazy goals? In order to come up with 10 outrageous goals you must thinking outrageously. You must expand your mind and your realm of what's possible.

The bigger you think, the bigger your world becomes. You begin to think outside of yourself. The more you think outside of yourself, the more you begin to think and do for others. The more you do for others, the more rewards and benefits come back to you. It's a cycle that works for the betterment of both you and the world.

'Big goals get big results. No goals get no results or somebody else's results.'

ACTION STEP - I'd like to offer an exercise to complete in the week ahead:

If you already have a list of goals, we're going to work with that. If you don't have a goal list, take some time before you do this exercise and create a list. It doesn't have to be the full 101 goal list, but write down 10 or so for this exercise.

Once you have at least 10 goals written down, start to plus them to create new extraordinary goals for yourself.

Let's say one of your goals is to feed the hungry in your city. Your action steps include giving canned goods and a bi-weekly check to your local soup kitchen. That is an important and worthwhile goal. But now I want you to plus it. Here's where the crazy, outrageous thinking comes in.

Instead of just feeding the hungry in your city, you're now going to wipe out hungry all over the country. Heck, why not the world? That's your new goal! Now your action steps include: researching the poorest and hungriest countries; contacting corporations and food banks in those countries and asking them to donate food and money; contacting airlines and ground transportation services and asking them to donate their planes and trucks to deliver food to the people; etc.

Plussing your goals allows you to think big, take big action and get big results.

'Achieving your goals will become exciting and provide a meaningful life that's turned on and tuned in at new and higher levels.' - Mark Victor Hansen

I'll see you next time!

Mark Victor Hansen

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