Friday, September 22, 2006

You dream every night whilst you sleep

You dream every night whilst you sleep. The dreams you have are the interface between your conscious waking state and your subconscious mind. You dream during REM sleep, which occurs roughly every 90 minutes throughout the night and for progressively longer periods. For example, you may only dream 5 or 10 minutes in your first REM period, but by morning you dream for about 30 minutes, right until you wake up.

Everyone dreams for about 100 minutes per night; you just have difficulty remembering your dreams. 100 minutes is more than an hour and a half and longer than most movies you see at the cinema.

Your dreams express to you what is happening in your physical body. They are a way of expressing and resolving what happens in your sub conscious mind. Science has shown that without dreaming you quickly breakdown in both mind and body.

Through your dreams you access a massive library of insight and information from your subconscious mind and the collective consciousness of humanity. Your dreams are a source for premonitions, spiritual contact and guidance. They are also a means to solve problems both personal and work related

Aymen Fares

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