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Achieve Your Goals By New Day Resolutions

Hope you had a great holiday break and are looking forward to an
exciting 2007. I haven't made any new year resolutions for the
reasons explained below. I hope you find some of this article
helpful in 2007. It is at least briefer than my usual ones!

New Year's resolutions are often a waste of time because everyone
accepts that few people can actually keep them. We all, therefore,
have a ready made excuse for not keeping them - we are just doing
the same as everyone else!

No one criticizes you if you make no effort to keep your
resolutions and without effort nothing much can happen. Just state
a vague intention to improve and everyone accepts the fact that you
will probably forget about your resolution within a few days and be
back to your ordinary self. How, then, can we keep our resolutions
and become an extraordinary person?

One way is to think in terms of one day at a time i.e. New Day
Resolutions. Make resolutions every single day and don't wait a
year to make your resolutions. It is those smaller daily
resolutions which allow you to keep any long term resolutions or

Just as it makes little sense to think about giving only at
Christmas or fasting only at Lent, so it is ridiculous to make
resolutions only at one time of the year.

We are different from the animals because we are capable of
planning our own days, weeks, months and years and because we can
resolve to carry out these plans. We are gloriously free to choose
to make our resolutions on any day of the year.

Those who actually carry out their resolutions become powerful
people who can make things happen and who can live lives full of
achievement, enthusiasm and excitement.

Making daily resolutions is essential because the subconscious mind
will not believe in resolutions that are made only occasionally and
half heartedly. The entire human brain needs to think about its
owner's resolutions at least once a day. Once a year is not enough!

A good time is either the night before or early in the morning.
Preferably consider your resolutions twice a day at least - morning
and evening.

Try writing down at least three goals tonight to achieve tomorrow.
For example, I might wish, tomorrow, to spend at least 15 minutes
learning about copywriting, 15 minutes exercising and 15 minutes
writing articles. You will, of course, have your own preferred

I would also need to visualize myself as having learned something
useful about copywriting and having written an effective
advertisement. I could then visualize myself having performed some
exercises to increase my strength and lung power.

Finally, I could visualize my finished article being read by
fascinated people! You, too, will visualize yourself having
achieved your own desired resolutions or goals.

You and I could then repeat writing down our list of three goals
early tomorrow and should again visualize successful results.

All this writing and visualizing should only take 5 minutes in the
evening and 5 minutes in the morning. It will, however, make it far
more likely that we will achieve our goals for the day.

If you are not sure what goals or resolutions to start with, I can
recommend one of my favorite acronyms - SOG i.e. Skill,
Overwhelming task, main Goal.

For example, spend 15 minutes learning a skill like how to play the
guitar; 15 minutes working on an overwhelming task like clearing up
paper work and 15 minutes advertising something you want to sell.

Of course, there is no set limit to how many resolutions or goals
you can work on each day but it is wise to start with just a few of
them until your success in achieving them gives you the confidence
and ability to take on more.

Remember that if you do complete three goals a day, you will be
achieving far more than most. I know of at least one internet
entrepreneur who makes about a million dollars a year simply by
spending three hours a day on three key aspects of his business.

It might even be worth setting yourself just one goal a day
although this could be a challenging one. A year ago I decided to
write one article a day and kept this up till the end of March.
Suzan-Lori Parks, in 2002, decided she would write a play a day for
a year and actually achieved this by producing 365 plays in one

If you want to be sure you keep your one day at a time resolutions
decide on goals that do not depend even partly on other people. You
have little control over others.

Their priorities are not yours. If you want to sing one song a day
you can be confident that you will do so. If you decide to sing one
duet a day you may be in trouble!

So then, make New Year resolutions if you wish to but don't rely on
them to achieve your goals. Instead work on these daily by writing
them down and visualizing achieving them and by taking daily action
to complete them.

Have a great New Year and remember that each New Year begins with
tomorrow. Achieve your goals by New Day resolutions and daily

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