Saturday, December 16, 2006

the magic of love

by anna krizia

First, there was this two people who’s really in love with each other..
The story begins with this,

we became friends while we’re still in our 1st yr. in high school but we don’t talk too much.. we don’t even know each other too well.. But we were classmates.. At first, we just ignore each other.. we don’t talk, we don’t do anything.. Then, maybe at the half semester of our class, we’re trying to talk with each other.. Then we became friends..

And when we turn into 2nd yr high school, my family decided to let me study in a good city.. Then, with those months of being away from the city, (where we first knew each other)
we don’t talk nor see each other.. But we don’t really care about that because we don’t have any feelings with each other at that time..

And after finishing my studies in 2nd yr in high school, my family again decided to come back in the city where we have grown up..

Then i enrolled in a private school (but not in the school where we first met)
And i didn’t expect that he would also enroll in that the same school..
i was shocked when i saw him sitting on the bench.. Then, i looked at him straight to his eyes, and then he saw me, and smiled to me.. And i smiled too..
Then, i came back in our classroom (but this time we were not classmates) because our teacher called me..
While the girl sits, i wander why does he enrolled in that the same school..

Then the bell rang for the recess time.. I stood up and decided to have a snack.. So i invited my new friends..

and i saw the guy on the canteen, he sits on the bench with his friends.. i went to him and asked him if i could sit beside him.. he answered yes.. Then, he asked for my number.. So, i gave it to him.. we talk a lot about my bf.. Then, the boy said “if I will court you, will you promise me that you will leave your bf?” I told him, yes.. Because i realized that my bf is too old for me.. Even if i love my bf, i still decided to leave him..
And he courts me, it was only a week and i fell in love with him.. So i told it to him the word YES..
On the 16th of July was our first monthsary..

we had a lot of fun and sad times.. we encountered many challenges in our relationship.. And these challenges made our relationship stronger.. When we reached six months of being boyfriends and girlfriends, we broke up for 3 times.. Then until now, (December, 16, 2006) we’re still in love with each other.. i couldn’t pass the day without thinking of him..
That’s how i miss the him when he is not around..

Even if how many times you broke up, you would still realize that you really love him/her.. That you can’t go on another day with out him/her..

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