Monday, November 27, 2006

Quick Motivation: You Live in Paradise

The first moment you spent on earth was the beginning of a new world, the world at your fingertips. You grew up and you noticed the nature of the nature of every living thing.

You have the most beautiful life imaginable. You have it all. Everything is coming to you. Everybody adores you. You have, at your disposal, some unique, natural gifts that are waiting to get explored.

You indulge in whatever passion you want. You have the capabilities and the potential to achieve it all.

Your mind is more than able to handle even the most demanding questions and to produce answers comprehensible to anybody who would ask.

Your presence is shining brightly and your glow illuminates the ground you walk on. In whatever guise you appear, your light is impossible to dim.

Your talents are unique in their realm. You walk on paths that nobody else has ever touched.

You can have it all. Reach out and grab what is rightfully yours. You deserve it and you won't take it away from anyone else because there is enough for everyone.

You are special. You have the means to have everything you ever dreamt of.

Deal with it. Accept your responsibility.

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