Saturday, November 11, 2006


Have you ever been in a bad situation where everything in your life goes wrong & you just feel like giving up? Well this year I found my self in that situation where everything just went bad & then it got worse & worse. I had people telling me that everything happens for a reason & that sooner or later I would find out what it was.

Of course, as depressed as I could be, I doubted it. When it's YOU, the whole world can tell you it will get better, but you don't believe it till you see it with your own eyes.

So time went by & I kept on feeling the same way. Then one day I knew it in me what that reason was, why I had to go through all the things I did. It's part of growing up & learning to appreciating what you have every day; all those little things that we take for granted sometimes.

I feel that all the things that happened to me this year made me a stronger person than I was before. I appreciate all those little things that I took for granted before. I got to meet my real friends for the very first time; I know who my real friends are & those are the ones who stuck by me no matter what.

I know I'll have more bad times in my life, but next time someone say's "DON'T FORGET EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON", I'll know it's true. We all go through bad times in life, the important thing is to know that sooner or later that reason will come to you & when that happens you will find yourself better off than you did before.

I dedicate this to all my Friends:

--- Love Always, Vita --- California

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